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Just Recycled Products is the second site in the 'Just' range of Promotional Product websites. Within this site you will find a comprehensive guide to the latest Environmentally Friendly gift ideas available in the UK. All of the products available from Just Recycled Products are Environmentally friendly. We offer products that are made from Recycled Materials, products that are Biodegradable, products that are Free from Consumables, products from Sustainable Materials and products from Ethical and Fair Trade sourcing. Our Product Range covers ideas such as writing instruments, USB's, desk top accessories, bags, conference materials, electronic products, golfing, clothing and flower ideas.

We should all be doing our bit in helping to save the environment. By bringing together a range of products that are made from recycled, biodegradable or sustainable materials, are fair trade or ethically produced or are consumable free, Just Recycled Products can help you achieve this. If fewer raw materials are consumed, less waste is generated. By using Environmentally Friendly promotional products you are helping save the environment and also showing your clients that you care how your company impacts upon the environment.

Just Recycled Products has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to browse our product range. You can search by Product Category or use our Search by Criteria feature on the left hand side to help narrow down your selection.

We hope you enjoy using Just Recycled Products and our associated range of 'Just' websites.

RECYCLED PRODUCTS - Products that are made from recycled material such as plastics, glass, paper etc. An example of this might be a pen that is made from recycled CD cases.

BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS - Products that are made from biodegradable materials or that have a biodegradable agent added during manufacture to help speed up the degredation in a non toxic manner. An example of this would be a carrier bag.

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS - Products that are made from a sustainable source such as corn or wood. An example of this would be a sustainable yield pencil.

CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS - Products that are planet friendly in that they reduce the amount of consumables normally associated with them such as batteries or staples. An example of this type of product would be a stapleless stapler.

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